Industrial Cold Air Devices

Industrial Cooling Devices

Refrigerators designed to cool Large Volume storage areas and have a very high cooling capacity are the name given to standard cooler groups. In the production of Industrial Cooling Devices appliances, high-capacity semi-hermetic compressors are used, while the areas of use are usually warehouses and production facilities. They are manufactured as standard with 2380 watts and 76300 watts.

Industrial cooling devices are also produced as standard with 2, 3 or 4 evaporators are also produced as standard with 2,3 or 4 evaporators and thus provide fast, healthy and homogenous air circulation.

In this way, Industrial cooling devices provide high performance and allow food and similar sensitive materials to be stored under optimum temperature and best humidity conditions during production and storage.

Industrial Cold Air Devices

Industrial cooling units, which can be produced with remote control and control system, can be installed easily. Industrial refrigeration devices, despite their high-capacity operation, ensure that the quality of the fans used in production is below the acceptable level (CE) in accordance with the EU criteria.

Industrial cooling devices can be manufactured with cabin as well as outdoor units can withstand outdoor conditions up to + 30 / + 40 and +50 ° C according to the standards of the device. Also, according to summer and winter weather conditions, automatic fan pressure control system devices, energy efficiency is targeted if the inverter application can be made. Thanks to the inverter application it is possible to save 20% energy compared to other standard devices.

Types of Industrial Cooling Devices