Waste Room

Waste Room

Domestic waste is temporarily stored in the Waste Room. Waste Room are obligatory for places such as hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and public buildings. It will also be mandatory in homes that are more than 3 times more recently.

It is not possible to talk about air, water and ambient cleanliness in domestic environments.

Waste Room should be areas that will temporarily store the garbage of buildings for at least 2 days. In addition, the interior temperature of the Waste Room should be +8 degrees. Non-odor of domestic wastes, rotting germs, bacteria, etc. should not be spread. In this way, environmental pollution can be prevented.

Waste Storage

Nowadays, in our country and in our country more than 3 times the need for waste rooms. In the kitchen sections of new works which are more than three floors, system will be established in which plastic, glass, paper, vegetable waste oils and garbage can be separated. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, with the amendment to the zoning regulation, aims at separating waste in place and thus preventing environmental pollution.

A good breakthrough to eliminate bad images and odors created by the rubbish bins located in front of houses and buildings will provide this system with a waste chimney system. With the electronic system planned to be installed in the apartments in the buildings, the wastes will be connected to the chimneys through pipes. It is planned to discard the waste in the system, glass, plastic and so on. by pressing the button, the process can be done with the resulting hopper. These wastes will accumulate in the collection centers established at the bottom of the buildings. These wastes collected in decomposed form will be brought into economy by recycling. Structures suitable for this system will be built.

Waste Storage Rooms, Hospital, Laboratory, Chemical Plant, Nuclear Facilities etc. in places, the subject is much more important and sensitive.

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